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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Good evening ladies!

How beautiful is the weather we've been having the last few days?! It's a pity that the pollen count is so high I can barely breathe, let alone tolerate being outside! Heartbreaking!!!

Anyone else suffering with hay fever? Head over to my facebook page Fairly Fabulous, to check out some tips for alleviating your symptoms!

So, with the weather being so fantastic, and summer holiday season in full swing, I thought I'd put together some sunglasses inspiration in the form of a wishlist!

I'm addicted to buying sunglasses. I'd say I have about 30 pairs, most from Penneys, so it's safe to say that I love sunnies!

Here's a few sunglasses that I'd love to find in my collection!

Over €100

Prada Cat Eye Sunglasses PR53SS

image source: Prada
How faaaab are these?!! They look like some gal with a head scarf should be wearing them as she cruises around in a vintage convertable.

They're so expensive though!!! €270. Maybe one day.

A girl can dream, right?

You can get them in Brown Thomas here. While you're at it, wanna get me a pair? Thaaaaaanks!

Under €100

Vow London Handmade Cut Off Top Cat Eye Sunglasses

image source: asos

image source: asos
These beauties are €91.55 and you can get them here.

Under €75

Quay Australia Vivienne Black Metal Aviator Sunglasses

image source: asos

image source: asos
I actually can't believe that I don't have a pair of black aviators! They're such a style staple. They'll literally go with anything.

I may have just found my excuse to buy them here! €56.34 Treat yo'self!

Under €50

High Key Desi x Quay 
image source: stelly.com

image source: stelly.com
To me, this is a more achievable price point for a pair of deisgner sunnies. At AUS$60 which is around €41, I can actually afford these!

It's pretty hard to find somewhere to buy these, but you can get them here. These are coming from Australia though so be careful of import duty!!! They'll be coming out in a new colour in the autumn, so I might wait and see what colour they are.

Under €25

Black Metal Detail Cat Eye Sunglasses

image source: River Island
You can get them here!

So these are the sunglasses I have my eye on at the moment.
If you're lucky enough to own any of these, or if you're lusting after them let me know!

Thanks for reading! x

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