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Hey Ladies! (and gents?)

I know I said that I'd be back blogging more, but, I spoke too soon! I shouldn't have made that promise going into the last month of my postgrad. To say that I'm swamped with work is an understatement!

But here I am, writing a blog post and procrastinating.

Story of my life.

Quick update on my twitter! I've changed my handle to @fairlyfabulousb so that its more in line with the rest of my social media! The rest of my links are at the end of this post!

Anyways! Today's blog is all about my Skinnydip London phone cases.

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I bought an iPhone back in October, and I was so excited about all the phone cases that I would be able to get from Penneys. But, low and behold, they don't make them for the iPhone 5C only 5/5S, which kind of fit, but the hard cases don't fit at all and the silicone ones only kind of fit.

So... I decided to try Skinnydip!

I'd seen them stocked in River Island, and I thought that they were pretty cool and funky. Thats where I bought my first Skinnydip case from.

"Christmas Pugs"

© Fairly Fabulous Blog 2016
It was around Christmas (obviously) and I got it in the sale online for €2!!!! Reduced from €16/€17! Bargin!

© Fairly Fabulous Blog 2016
It's so cute! I can't wait to crack it out again next Christmas. I kept it on for way too long after Christmas. I was forced to take it off near the end of January.

© Fairly Fabulous Blog
My green phone made it extra festive!

After getting the pug case, I really wanted more, seeing as the Penneys (Primark) ones don't fit the iPhone 5c properly, I really wanted some fab cases that actually fitted, so I made my way to the Skinnydip London online sale.

Some of these cases are no longer available, but I'll link to the ones that are still in stock!

"The Ashley Case"

This one is called the Ashley case, and it's made from vegan leather, which is fancy talk for faux leather.

© Fairly Fabulous Blog 2016
I have three cases with the gold around the edges and I think that it makes the case look pretty expensive!
© Fairly Fabulous Blog 2016
 I like the way the branding is so prominent on the cases.

© Fairly Fabulous Blog 2016
The Ashley case is no longer available on the website, but they have lots of other gorgeous ones that I have my eye on!

"The Heart Macaroon Case"

This next case is the one that I've had on my phone the most since I got them. I love the glitter. It's so girly. This one is called the Heart Macaroon Case.

© Fairly Fabulous Blog 2016
I had a bit of trouble with this case when it arrived. The packaging was open and the case didn't fit my phone. I rang customer care, and the lovely lady at the other end of the phone sent out a replacement straight away!

I've never experienced such fantastic customer service from any other company, so without a doubt I will be shopping there again!

© Fairly Fabulous Blog 2016

At first I wasn't sure that the green of my phone would go with the colours on the case, seeing as it was clear, but I actually really like it!

© Fairly Fabulous Blog 2016
This case is still available, and you can get it for the iPhone SE/5/5s,  6/6s and 6 Plus/6S Plus. You can get the 5c here.

"The Pink Case"

The next case is the one that is on my phone at the moment. Pink is my favourite colour and the basic design is really cute.

© Fairly Fabulous Blog 2016
It's such a nice shade of pink, and it looks like real leather.

© Fairly Fabulous Blog 2016
I just really like it. Sometimes less is more!

© Fairly Fabulous Blog 2016

The Pink Case is still available to buy and it's still on sale for only £6! You can get it here.

"The Barbie Case"

And last but not least! My favourite of the lot! But isn't it faaaaaab!!!! This one is aptly called the Barbie Case.

© Fairly Fabulous Blog 2016
It's so SPARKLDEY!!!!

© Fairly Fabulous Blog 2016
I love the gold with the pink!

© Fairly Fabulous Blog 2016
I hardly ever use this one though. I think it's a bit too bling for everyday life, and I don't want the sparkles to fall off!

Unfortunately this is soldout at the moment, but you can keep an eye on it here!

©Fairly Fabulous Blog 2016

The customer service I received from Skinnydip was second to none, and the replacement case arrived very fast!

The only criticism I'd have about the cases is that they're hard to get off. But on the other hand this is good, because they won't fly of when you drop your phone! You just have to learn the knack to getting them off!

I'll definitely be buying more cases from Skinnydip in the future! I haven't seen any as nice anywhere else.

© Fairly Fabulous Blog 2016

Thanks for reading! I'll be finished college in the next few days so hopefully I'll be back to a better scheduele!

Until next time!

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