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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Hey guys!

So sorry that the blog has been so quiet over the last few weeks! College got really busy with assignments and work experience really suddenly, and I've had zero time to do anything blog-wise other than posting the odd photo to Instagram or Facebook.

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Anyways on to this post...

Garnier Micellar Water

I'd heard so much about the Garnier Micellar Water range, that I'd decided to try it out for myself.

Before purchasing this product, I always used to just use wipes to take off my makeup. I know how bad that is and soooo many people told me to stop using wipes, but I guess I was just being lazy and too tired to make an effort!

© Aoife Doyle 2015
But ever since I bought the Garnier Micellar Water, I've been using it every night!
I got the one with the pink label for sensitive skin (there's 3 different types).

© Aoife Doyle 2015

I actually love this stuff! It gets every speck of makeup off my face. I feel so fresh after using it.

All you have to do is dab a little onto one of those round cosmetic pads and wipe it over your face.
It usually only takes me 2-3 of those tiny pads and all of my makeup is off! Magic!

It says on the bottle that it'll last up to 200 uses, and I believe it! I've ony had it for a month and a bit and there's only a quater of the bottle gone! 

© Aoife Doyle 2015
I got these cotton cosmetic pads in Penneys the other day and they're great. They do the job and BONUS: they're only 75 cents! #BARGAIN

I feel like my skin has really cleared up since I began using the Miceller Water. I can really see the difference in my pores. 

The Garnier Micellar Water is hypoallergenic and you can use it to take off eye makeup and lipstick.

Here, have a poser-y pic of me using it:

© Aoife Doyle 2015
#NoMakeup #NoFilter #NoShame
© Aoife Doyle 2015
But yeah, 5 stars all the way!

I got the Garnier Micellar Water in Boots using one of their 3 for 2 deals, I think there's another one of those deals on a the moment!
You can get the Garnier Micellar Water from Boots here. (It's reduced to €4.53 online right now!)
And like I said, the cosmetic pads are €0.75 from Penneys/Primark.

I'm converted! This is definitely one of my new essentials! Never going back to makeup wipes!!!

Let me know if you get the Micellar Water!

Have a lovely day!

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