Nivea Eye Make-up Remover Review

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Hey guys!

Hope you're all having a wonderful Christmas! I think I've eaten my weight in sweets and ham and stuffing, so needless to say mine was great!!

I know that I've been very quiet this month, but with college, work and Christmas I've been very busy, so forgive me!!! I was even working Christmas Day and Stephen's Day! Heartbreaking!

Anyways, on to this post!

Nivea Double Effect Eye Make-up Remover Review

I've been using this product for years and I couldn't reccommend it enough as an eye make-up remover! It removes every last bit of make-up from your eyes, including waterproof make-up.

I received another bottle of this fab stuff at the #DeiseBloggers event in November and I was delighted when I saw it in my goodiebag!

I actually wouldn't use any other eye make-up remover products - I haven't come accross any that are as effective as the Nivea Double Effect Eye Make-up Remover.

©  Aoife Doyle Fairly Fabulous Blog 2015

They have recently redesigned the bottle which I'm very happy about! The cap on the old one was a bit dodgy, and although it never leaked, I was afraid that it would because it didn't look like it was closed properly. The new design is a screw-top. So yeah! More peace of mind that the product won't leak all over my bag!

©  Aoife Doyle Fairly Fabulous Blog 2015

©  Aoife Doyle Fairly Fabulous Blog 2015
This is a 'Double Effect' eye make-up remover. Basically this means that there are two different components to the remover. The blue colour that you see floating on top is an oil - this is the part that removes the make-up. It's actually so effective; it leaves nothing behind.

Now, I've found that it actually does leave a slightly oily residue, but it's easy to get rid of. One wipe with a clean cotton pad and it's gone.

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This product is Dermatologically and Ophthalmologically approved, so, no sore, stingy eyes!

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This is the old bottle design. You can see in this picture what I meant when I said that it looked like the bottle wasn't closed properly. I used to hate leaving it in my bag if I was going somewhere overnight! I was so afraid that it would leak everywhere and turn everything blue!

©  Aoife Doyle Fairly Fabulous Blog 2015
The old and the new bottle shapes! They both contain the same volume of product (125ml)!

This product is really great, and you don't only have to use it on eye make-up. Stubborn make-up that refuses to come off even if you scrub it with wipes, cleansers, miceller water? This will wipe it away with ease!

I was wearing the one of the Rimmel Provocalips lipsticks one day, and when I say that these lipsticks last all day and are pretty hard to remove, I'm not kidding!

I was scrubbing away at my lips with some Garnier Micellar Water (see my review here!) on a cosmetic cotton pad but it was making no difference, and I was just hurting myself. Then I had the bright idea to use the Nivea Eye Make-up Remover, and the lipstick came off in one swipe. I was amazed. I felt like I'd discovered a secret!

So, would I reccommend the NIVEA Double Effect Eye Make-up Remover? Absolutely!

As you can see, the PROS clearly outweigh the CONS!

©  Aoife Doyle Fairly Fabulous Blog 2015

©  Aoife Doyle Fairly Fabulous Blog 2015
4.5 STARS!!! 

I'm docking a half a star, simply because of the oily residue left after using the product; but otherwise, this product is great!

You can get this fab product in most pharmacies including Boots.

It's so inexpensive for such an effective product!

At only €4.99 in Boots it's hard to go wrong!

You can get it here.

Thanks for reading girlies! Let me know if you try this out!

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  1. Deise Bloggers? As a fellow blaa I'm intrigued, is this a thing?!

    Also, I've never heard of this remover. Been looking for a cheaper alternative to Benefit and you may have answered my prayers!

    1. Hey Aoife! Yes, we have a great network of bloggers in Waterford. Search 'Waterford bloggers' in facebook and join the group!

      As for the remover, I would definitely reccommend it!!


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