Autumn Hair Trends For Brunettes

Friday, October 09, 2015

Hey guys!

Anyone else get bored with their hair around this time of year? I certainly do. I had balayage in my hair, but now that it's faded and my hair needs a refresh. My only problem... I don't know what I want to do!

I don't know whether or not to go down the Ombré/Balayage route again, or go back full brunette, or maybe even go Bronde! Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Every season brings with it a rake of new "on-trend" hairstyles, and here are some of the pictures of different hair colours and styles that I've been pouring over for the last few weeks, trying to make a decision. These would be suitable for girls with darker hair like me.

1. Ombré/Balayage

I'm really, seriously thinking about going with Ombré again. But if I do, this time I'll definitely go with a darker, more Autumn/Winter appropriate look.

I really like these Ombré/Balayages, and although some people think Ombré is for summer, these darker Ombrés are fab for the colder months to come!

Source: cutediyprojects

Source: mychicadventure

Source: kyliejenner

I have pretty long hair, which I love and I think ombré looks really well in long hair, but, as Kylie Jenner proves; Ombré can look FAB on short haired gals too!
I love her hair in that pic, but I'd never cut my hair that short in a million years! I'd miss my hair too much!!

2.  Multi-Dimensional Brunette

Another way I'm thinking of going is back to my natural brunette all over.

Source: stylishwife

Source: womens-hairstyles

Source: shaym

I love Shay Mitchell's hair, it always looks perfect!
A lot of people I know have gone back to brunette recently. Maybe I'll jump on the bandwagon! I'd definitely go for a multi-dimensional brunette as opposed to single processed brunette, though as I think the single process can look a bit flat in my opinion.

3. Bronde

The Bronde (Brunette-Blonde) trend is very popular with celebs these days. I'm not really sure if I'd go for it, as I'd be afraid that it would damage my hair, but I do really like it!

Source: pinterest

Source: InStyle

Source: blakelively

Bronde is kind of the next step up from Ombré. I think it looks faaaab. Really pretty!

I think I'm leaning towards going back to full brunette... but saying that, I change my mind on an hourly basis! I'm going to the hairdressers next week so I guess I'll have to make my mind up before then! Maybe I'll be feeling adventurous and go Bronde!!!

Wish me luck!

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